Kill Wednesday (Film Version)

by Jan Dark



from the footie zom com "Goal Of The Dead" by Benjamin Rocher



We are out to kill Wednesday
We're gonna tear the sucker down
We're gonna tear the sucker down
We are out to kill Wednesday
We're gonna bring him to the ground
We're gonna tear the sucker down

[Verse 1]
He's had it coming, coming for so long
He thought that he was king, he thought he was strong
But now he'll do just anything for next year's pot of gold
Bitterness has turned the boy into a man-sized hole
Eyes and teeth are guaranteed to entertain
But we want more, this time we go for the brain
We pierce the moonlit sky, shrieking all the way
The Elders have decreed that there'll be hell to pay


[Verse 2]
He's right where we wanted him, we got him begging on his knees
So go and turn his sheepish grin into a frown of misery
Twenty minutes after sunset, it's your chance to get it right
Prove to me it was all worthwhile, or kiss your dreams good night


Submit! Submit! Submit!
Submit, clown!
Don't worry 'bout the state you're in
You're doing rather great my friend
The ragged look is good on you
It's so new
It's so you



released February 26, 2014
written, performed and recorded by Jan Dark at The Dark Arts
mastered at Colorsound, Paris



all rights reserved


Jan Dark Paris, France

Big emotions, bleak soundscapes, and flights of fancy.

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